ASK Corporate Services Limited ("ASK") is a professional service company which provides high-quality professional service, with reasonable price, to small and medium enterprises/companies and entrepreneurs. We assist them to set up and develop their businesses. 


WE founded by partners with professional qualification, who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest rules and regulations governing businesses. During the rapid change of the business and regulatory environment, we can solve your problems and provide valuable advice when doing your business.  

OUR professional services include helping you to handle all financial and compliance matters of your business, such as Company secretarial, Hong Kong company formation, Accounting, Tax advisory services, etc. We hope you will focus your attention on the company business and leave behind all trivial/routine matters to us so that you can work at higher efficiency and knowing your other concerns are in good hands.

ASK hope to be your best business partner and to walk with you, grow with you at all times. Your satisfaction and praise are our goals and core value.

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