The professional team of ASK provides comprehensive accounting services to our clients.

We can help you to view your company’s cash flow status anytime and anywhere, brings flexibility and convenience to your work. Accounting is always a challenge for owners of different industries. Business owners may feel annoyed by the resignation of their accounting staff and may worry about the bad handover or poor filing of the company’s accounting records or vouchers.

ASK can meet your needs which allow you to:
• know your company’s cash flow status anytime and anywhere;
• connect to the banking system seamlessly to reduce the possibility of manual errors;
• maintain a clear and continuous accounting service of your company;
• master the operation status easily through its simple operating system.

Our services are as follows:
• Prepare monthly financial statements;
• Update accounting records;
• Provide accounting professionals to assist in handling specific accounting ledgers; and
• Design, implement and improve the company’s accounting system, as well as to optimize the allocation of accounting staff.

Our accounting services are only starting from HK$2,000 per year or HK$500 per month.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.